The History of EFNet #HamRadio

           By Brad Killebrew N5IQ (SK) (jafo)

The history of #HamRadio goes back a ways. EFnet gained some popularity during the Gulf War in 1991, and so did #HamRadio. Around that time, techie, who ran, and a couple others like Guillemo XE1RGL put an ircII script bot in the channel which kept the channel alive.

A couple years later in 1994, the channel regulars formally established the channel with a website and some real bots. Some of these guys were Howard Leadmon WB3FFV, Brad Killebrew N5IQ (jafo), Tim Write KD4OVM, Erik Van Bronkhorst KC6UUT (TSRN), Marc N3MCR, Laurent F5JTL, Jeff N8PPB, Jeff AB6MB, Frank NG0N, Mariann N9ZPE, Steve VE1BCL, Bob KC6SXC, Torfinn LA4OFA, Rob KD6KGZ, Edwin 9V1ZY and Alex KA2ZOO.

This concludes today's history lesson on EFnet #HamRadio.

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