Thanks to Phil George W7GTI (automator on EFnet) for taking the club station on the road! Check him out on the HHH Net and the 3905 Century Club nets. Please QSL direct to W7GTI.

EFnet's #HamRadio has been the official channel of W8IRC since the club's inception in 2002, but membership and representation automatically includes any willing ham radio operator who uses IRC anywhere. So drop us a line! What's your call, and what IRC networks and channels do you frequent? And let us know of any updates to the list of known channels below.

The club's W8IRC / QRZ bot is available in some of the channels listed below. Click here for a quick reference of bot commands.

The following is a list of known ham radio related IRC channels with regular activity...


Please like the channel's Facebook page for more information.

There are usually close to 500 clients in this channel at any given time with round-the-clock activity. Remember to use the double hash on the channel name when joining (/join ##hamradio).

This channel includes the W8IRC bot for detailed QRZ callsign lookups, DXCC data, APRS lookups, DMR lookups, DX Summit spots, Q-signals, solar data, morse code translations, weather conditions, lookups, and a lot more.

#brandmeister Discussion about the Brandmeister DMR network, and all things DMR.
#w8irc For activity and testing surrounding the W8IRC bot. Might not be much to see here, but all are welcome to join.

W8PIG - The Flying Pigs QRP Club, International

EFnet #HamRadio

Active since 1991, and the official channel of the W8IRC radio club since 2002. Read a little about the channel's early history.




A great resource for ham radio DXers and SWLs. Bots provide real-time DX Summit Spots, WWV numbers, solar forecasts, and much more.

port 6667
SSL port 6697
#radio All things radio including DXing and even some electronics too....all are welcome!

General weather inquiries. For real-time weather alerts, please join ##wx-alerts. #debian-hams

Debian Hamradio Maintainers

Team of people packaging and documenting amateur radio related software in Debian.

LostCarrier IRC #cq

WB5OD - BSOD Amateur Radio Club

Chat about digital/packet communications as well as SDR rx/tx technology. Many members are hams while others are either preparing for tests or just interested in the reception of interesting signals. Projects often launch from this channel, including the development of software for ham radio use.

ExodusIRC #hamradio Includes a bot for callsign lookups. #bcwireless Discussions about Community Wireless and Amateur Radio in British Columbia. Web based client available from
Undernet #hamradio